Order a Relay Dev Kit

A mobile development platform like no other. Build voice applications and interact with sensor events like NFC & GPS Location. Includes 1 year of cellular service, two Relay devices, 10 NFC tags, two BLE Beacons and lanyard. Order a kit here!

While you await delivery of your dev kit, take a look at some demo videos and the SDK docs.

Relay in Action: Alexa

Use a workflow to message a Relay from an Alexa device. See sample code here.

A mobile development platform like no other

  • Programmable voice interaction and sensor events through NFC taps, GPS geofencing and Webhooks.
  • Write custom workflows with the Relay SDKs (Node, Python, GoLang, .NET and Java).
  • Integrate existing systems or create your own custom solutions.
  • Active 4G LTE connectivity out of the box allows rapid over-the-air provisioning.