Built-in Voice Commands

The Relay assistant has some built-in phrase triggers for commands. These are available on all devices and accounts but can be overridden with custom phrase triggers. When registering a new phrase trigger, if your phrase sounds similar to any phrases below, you can add it as an additional trigger for your workflow. For example:

$ relay  workflow create phrase --trigger=flattery --trigger=battery --uri  relay-local://hello_world --name hello_gorgeous --install-all

Here are all of the built in commands (phrase triggers). The <> brackets denote optional spoken input to the command:

call <user>
change to <group>
<group name>
device name
get me the <time>, <weather>
help <buttons>, <dnd>, <leds>, <me>, <power>, <sos>
help with <buttons>, <dnd>, <leds>, <me>, <power>, <sos>
how much power left
is it <cold>, <hot> outside
joke <please>
make me laugh
please help
relay assistant
set my position <to>
set my venue <to>
start <tracker>, <tracking>
stop <monitor>, <monitoring>, <observe>, <observing>
switch to <group>
tell me a joke
tell me the device name
tell me the time
tell me your name
track me
track my position
translate <in>, <to> {language}
what is battery level
what time is it
what's the <battery>, <time>, <weather>
what's your name
where is <device name>