Next Steps

To get started on prototyping and developing your own Relay workflow and integrating it into your enterprise, order a hardware development kit. You don't need to talk to our Sales team, the HW Dev Kits can be ordered online with a credit card. Included in the kit are:

  • Two Relay devices, including wall chargers.
  • Two Relay-manufactured beacons for indoor location.
  • Ten Relay-manufactured NFC tags.
  • An activated account that is valid for one year to operate your Relay device and connect your workflows. Device cellular connectivity service is included on all accounts.
  • Access to the web management console for all devices on your account.
  • Ability to add a virtual device (iOS or Android smartphone app) on your account at no extra cost.
  • Access to the Relay SDK and documentation in all available programming languages, including samples and a bug tracker.
  • Access to the Relay CLI (Command-Line Interface) for managing the registration of your workflows with the Relay server, also with access to a bug tracker.

You will need to provide your own hosted environment to contain your workflow code that can be reached from the Relay server. Examples of commercial hosts include Heroku, AWS EC2, Cloudflare, etc.

Order a HW Dev Kit online today and start building on Relay!