Relay Capabilities

With both cell and WiFi connectivity, it can go nationwide, extending beyond the reach of walkie talkies, without needing to install proprietary infrastructure. Without a traditional smartphone screen, it doesn't distract workers. With IPX8 it survives moisture, dust, and shock, gracefully handling the active workplace. It is both uniquely portable, and at the same time capable and simplified. It includes the following:

  • LTE connectivity over multiple cellular carriers included in the base price.
  • Outdoor location positioning, including geofences.
  • An enterprise solution for room-level indoor location that doesn't require an expensive infrastructure, and it can be self-deployed.
  • Other sensors such as Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Headsets for discreet audio communication via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Generated speech (text to speech) and phrase recognition (speech to text).
  • Playback of dynamic and pre-recorded audio.
  • Push-to-talk audio communication.
  • Two-way full-duplex audio "phone call" behavior.
  • Relay-manufactured NFC tags with increased capabilities that can very inexpensively and securely identify your important locations.
  • Controllable vibration and LED indicators (full color, individually addressable).
  • A limited number of buttons for user simplicity, with detection of multi-tap sequences.