Workflow Automation

Active workers (like Nurses, Forklift Drivers or Security Guards) are not tied to a desk in front of a computer all day. Enterprise I/T tools favor the desk workers, the ones who have proximity to the tools. This typically means that active workers are disconnected from the enterprise I/T tools, with less information, not getting the benefits that the I/T tools are meant to provide. Today, they are left out.

The Relay SDK (Software Development Kit) provides a way for your enterprise to extend your I/T tools and workflow automation to your active workers via Relay devices. Through the SDK you can have your enterprise tools use Relay devices for input and output, and do custom processing via Relay workflows driven by your enterprise. So now, your enterprise I/T tools can include portability, voice, location, and other device capabilities. And you can get this increased reach to your active workers dramatically easier and less expensively than before.

Through the Relay SDK, you can define and execute Relay workflows to do exactly what you want, receive information from and send commands to Relay devices, and integrate this with your own enterprise business data and processes on your own terms.

In effect, you can build a mobile application that is dramatically lower cost because the interface is not graphical, with a code base that is a small fraction of a smartphone app. You don't have the burden of deployment through app stores or meeting the policy guidelines and reviews there because it isn't a public app. You don't have to worry about Mobile Device Management (MDM) because it isn't being installed on user's personal smartphones. You don't have to worry about compatibility across an unmanageable wide variety of hardware. You control the software changes centrally because the workflow runs on your server instead of the end device. Think about never having to write and deploy another smartphone app.

The Relay capabilities and example use cases in the following sections should help illustrate what is possible.